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Attorney Marketing : Attorney Marketing Question: Does My Law Firm Really Need Social Media?

Attorney Marketing Question: Does My Law Firm Really Need Social Media?

Law firm marketing expert, Rene Perras explains why social media needs to be included in your law firm’s marketing mix.

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Attorney Marketing Question: Does My Law Firm Really Need Social Media?

// West Palm Beach, FL, USA // Attorney Marketing // Rene Perras
I recently had a client ask me: Can I grow my client base without using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media outlets? I took a step back as this clued me in to the legal field’s cautious approach in turning to social media as form of law firm marketing.

Some law firms and attorneys still widely view social media as being “a fad” or an “unprofessional approach” to marketing for the legal profession; but that’s simply not the truth. Attorneys just haven’t began to understand the immense marketing power they have at their fingertips; and with the social media’s free memberships; it costs your law firm nothing to start bringing in new clients.

The numbers speak for themselves, Facebook currently has 500 million users, and if it were a country, it would be the third most populated nation in the world, just behind China and India. In addition, an average of 27 million “tweets” are posted on Twitter daily and two billion YouTube videos are viewed each day. With these numbers it would be misguided to ignore the expansive audience your law firm marketing efforts could reach. In today’s society, you can’t turn on the TV, pickup a newspaper or browse the Web without seeing something about Facebook or Twitter. Choosing to bypass social media as a tool for marketing your law firm wouldn’t be to your firm’s advantage.

In reality, potential clients who are searching the Internet for an attorney to represent them will view your law firm as innovators who are dedicated to their clients, and authorities in the legal field. By accessing links from your law firm-branded social media pages, potential clients have a direct link to your legal website, legal blog and other important information to help them to get to know your law firm better. Through social media, future clients can gain a sense of security and understanding of what your law firm is all about.

To answer the question: Sure, you can gain new clients without the use of social media, but you wouldn’t achieve the same level of results as if your law firm utilized social media; and why wouldn’t you? It’s basically free marketing.

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