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Attorney Marketing : Google and Facebook: Is the Social Media Town Big Enough for the Both of Them?

Google and Facebook: Is the Social Media Town Big Enough for the Both of Them?

Google is joining the social networking arena, while Facebook is starting their own question-and-answer service, reports marketing expert Rene Perras.

Google and Facebook both step in one another's territory.  social media marketing
Google and Facebook: Is the Social Media Town Big Enough for the Both of Them?

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The battle is being waged as Google announced their plan to build a networking service to rival the Facebook giant in the social media arena. But Facebook has also dropped a bomb of their own: Facebook is implementing a new question-and-answer service, which could impede on Google’s territory.

On Wednesday, July 28, 2010, Facebook unveiled their new project, a new question-and-answer service, which would be readily available to Facebook’s 500 million users directly on their site. The new service, dubbed “Facebook Questions” will allow Facebook users to access collective knowledge accumulated through the Facebook community for recommendations on restaurants, music, cooking tips, and any other questions someone may have. The answers to the queries will be visible to the entire Facebook community, which will be arranged according to topics or themes. But, this new service could impede on Google’s lucrative search engine empire, as people may turn to Facebook for answers instead of “Googling” a topic.

But not to worry, Google has their own tricks up their sleeves. Google’s top secret social networking project, Google Me, is claiming to be different from Facebook. “Anything Google might do in social networking wouldn’t be like Facebook, because the world doesn’t need a copy of the same thing, said Eric Schmidt chairman and CEO of Google.

Instead, Google Me will incorporate and go beyond Google Buzz, a social networking and messaging tool that is integrated into Google’s web-based email program, Gmail. The upcoming Google social networking site is also tapping into the latest Internet hot button, social games. Google announced they are in discussions with Playdom and Zyna (makers of the Mobsters and Farmville social media games); even moving as far as purchasing Jambol, an online global cash register for the Google social site. In addition, Google acquired Slide, a popular social widget maker who created the popular Facebook app, SuperPoke. Google’s advancement into social games is their newest effort to try to cash in on the forecasted $220 million that will be funneled by advertisers into Facebook’s social games.

So what does this mean for the social networking game? Could Google Me topple the social media empire known as Facebook? Only time will tell, but now is the chance for advertisers and marketers to jump on the latest social trends. Advertisers are already expected to invest hundreds of millions of their advertising dollars into social games; and they need to get creative. The old tried and true banner ads, pay-per-clicks and pop-ups won’t suffice on the social sites. Advertisers need to inject their brands into the queries of “Facebook Questions” and get people talking about their product or service. Word of mouth and viral marketing will likely return higher results within Facebook forums while advertisers may need to focus on social games on Google Buzz, as that seems to be Google’s main focus.

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