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Attorney Marketing : Law Firm Marketing News: Why Blogging About Breaking News Helps Lawyer Marketing

Law Firm Marketing News: Why Blogging About Breaking News Helps Lawyer Marketing

Law firm marketing expert, Rene Perras, explains how blogging about breaking news can help lawyer marketing campaigns.

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Law Firm Marketing News: Why Blogging About Breaking News Helps Lawyer Marketing

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I have heard countless lawyers say, “I’m regularly blogging about good topics, but I’m just not seeing the results that I feel my law firm marketing efforts should be getting.” I usually follow-up their statement with a question, by asking them: “Are you writing about relevant and new information, or even better, breaking news stories?”

Lawyers often miss the most obvious form of lawyer marketing, which is also essentially free publicity—writing about breaking news. Everyday across the United States there are hundreds of instances of automobile accidents, wrongful death cases, crimes, fraud and other incidents that are taking place. While these motor vehicle accidents and other cases are unfortunate, the reality is that these victims will need an attorney to represent them in a court of law.

Breaking news stories are splashed across the television and are featured on the front page of the morning’s newspaper, often creating some sort of a following. Just like the BP oil spill or the Arizona immigration debate, which has million of American’s constantly glued to the television or searching the topic online. The one thing that the BP oil spill and the immigration debate have in common is that the victims need attorneys to represent them as the lawsuits flood in; and because you blogged about these stories, you positioned your law firm right in front of millions of people.

By blogging about breaking news in your field of practice, your law firm has the chance to demonstrate your skills and knowledge, all while promoting yourself within a hot topic. Your law firm also has an opportunity to give advice, point of view and legal knowledge about a recent accident or lawsuit. People who are searching the Web for a lawyer may see your articles about similar cases, which help position your firm as experts in that field, prompting the potential client to call you about their similar case. The comfort level that can develop by being perceived as an expert can help limit “lawyer shopping.”

CEPAC, a lawyer marketing and legal advertising agency, has harnessed the power of SEO and blogging breaking news by developing private label newsrooms, designed and customized for your law firm. This online legal newsroom product, Smart News Technology, has the ability to streamline your breaking news article/press release directly from your newsroom to Internet search engines and social media sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and Twitter. This creates high visibility and strategic placement on the Web.

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