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Attorney Marketing : Law Firm Marketing Pointers: Cash in on the Smartphone Frenzy

Law Firm Marketing Pointers: Cash in on the Smartphone Frenzy

Rene Perras, lawyer marketing expert, offers tips for lawyers on how to cash in on the smartphone revolution through legal websites.

Smartphones and lawyer marketing. Law firm marketing experts
Law Firm Marketing Pointers: Cash in on the Smartphone Frenzy

// West Palm Beach, Florida, USA // Attorney Marketing // Rene Perras
The smartphone craze is here, and it’s shaping the way people conduct their daily lives, search for information and keep in touch with others. When Apple launched their newest version of the iPhone, they received 600,000 pre-orders of the iPhone 4 in just a single day. Some people even waited in line for 13 hours to get their hands on this do-it-all gadget. Law firm marketing experts have noticed this growing trend and are ready to cash in.

Nigel Clifford, CEO of Symbian, Nokia’s flagship mobile operating system for cellular phones said, “We do see that gravitational pull of the single-use device being played out in the market.” Law firm marketing gurus are seeing the smartphone revolution as way to effectively market their legal services in a growing market. Kevin Quinlan, the lawyer marketing dude, offers tips to lawyers and attorneys on how to capitalize in on this smartphone and single-use device craze through lawyer web designs:

1. Optimize your Web Site: We’re not just talking about SEO, but optimization for mobile use. Creating a law firm website that is mobile phone friendly and easy to read for users, will increase traffic and potential cases. Some websites have been retrofitted to configure a mobile version for accessing the site through a smartphone, making it easier for readers to obtain the information they need. By making your law firm website smartphone user-friendly you can achieve higher traffic and visibility.

2. Choose text over images: Although images are generally more attractive, loading these eye-catching images and graphics on your legal website will slow down your mobile landing page. People who are trying to access your legal website are looking for readily available information at their fingertips, not flashy graphics.

3. Keep your landing page clean: A clean lawyer website landing page is easier to view and navigate for users and potential clients. Smartphones only offer limited visuals with its small screens, so keep it simple. The rule to follow: the easier it is to read, the better. Keeping content short will maximize its usability for people who are looking for a lawyer represent them.

Include your contact information; iPhone allows users to dial your contact number from your site, making your law firm more readily available to prospective clients.

4. Stay away from Flash enabled photos or videos: As innovative as the iPhones are, they are still incompatible with Adobe Flash. Other smartphones also have a difficult time running Flash-powered images and videos, because most mobile phone service providers operate on a slower speed than broadband.

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