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Attorney Marketing : Lawyer Marketing Tips: Get the most out of law firm YouTube video testimonials

Lawyer Marketing Tips: Get the most out of law firm YouTube video testimonials

Law firm marketing expert, Rene Perras explains how YouTube video testimonials are an effective tool for lawyer marketing.

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Lawyer Marketing Tips: Get the most out of law firm YouTube video testimonials

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YouTube video testimonials can be a powerful tool, especially for lawyer marketing on the Internet. Client testimonials can help law firms transition undecided prospects into clients, by building credibility and showcasing their achievements when featuring other clients who have their confidence.

YouTube videos are no longer just for entertainment, instead the video hosting website is rapidly becoming a reference tool, creating an entry point into the Web and an opportunity for marketing directors. Some are even calling YouTube the new Google, as YouTube becomes as effective as mainstream search engines. In November 2008, 146 million Americans watched videos online, which accounted for 12.6 billion streaming video clips, nearly doubling the number of streaming videos just 20 months ago. YouTube continues to grow as well, with its share of videos streamed jumping to 40 percent of all online videos in November, as opposed to a 17 percent share in March 2007.

Today, potential clients are no longer flipping through the Yellow Pages looking for a lawyer; they are searching the Internet on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines and conducting thorough research. Google Universal boasts a special feature, which allows videos to appear directly in web search results, placing your video testimonials right in front of prospective clients. YouTube video testimonials can help prospective clients who are searching the Web for a reputable and knowledgeable attorney to represent them in their case. The video testimonials embedded on, or linked to a law firm’s website from YouTube help to persuade prospects who see other satisfied clients relay their experiences and successful outcomes. Law firm marketing consultant, Kevin Quinlan suggests ways law firm marketers can use the marketing power of testimonials to their full advantage on attorney websites.

• Reduce client skepticism: YouTube video testimonials are your chance to project your law firm’s credibility and reputation. Video testimonials by a third party who have benefited from your services can help to build trust among even the most cynical people who are searching for a lawyer. Seeing a satisfied former client personalizes your law firm, and instills a sense of faith and confidence in your firm’s abilities.

• Transform objections: Naturally, people may disbelieve prior results posted on the law firm website. A third party experience or opinion is very powerful because people often believe that someone unrelated to the firm is speaking the truth as they have nothing to lose or gain.

• Client testimonials also help alleviate the fear of the unknown. If hiring an attorney is a new endeavor for someone, they may be worried that they will choose the wrong lawyer. Video testimonials can downplay those fears by showing evidence of winning verdicts and settlements achieved for other similar cases.

• Make it simple: Let’s face it, people have short attention spans; long, drawn out and complex testimonials will only lose the attention of the potential client. By using YouTube video testimonials you can keep the prospective clients engaged and interested in your law firm, creating maximum results.

• Identify anxieties or doubts: Predict hidden prospect anxieties or doubts and address them in your video testimonial. Anxieties may include, “Will I be charged if my case doesn’t recover any damages,” or “How do I know your law firm is right for me?” After identifying the apprehensions, use the testimonials to address the anxieties and instill a sense of security and faith.

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