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Attorney Marketing : Legal Marketing 101: Make Your Law Firm an Authority; Start a Legal Blog

Legal Marketing 101: Make Your Law Firm an Authority; Start a Legal Blog

The law firm marketing dude, Rene Perras explains how to get your legal blogs seen and how to make your law firm an authority.

Blogging can make your law firm an authority. law firm marketing
Legal Marketing 101: Make Your Law Firm an Authority; Start a Legal Blog

// West Palm Beach, Florida, USA // Attorney Marketing // Rene Perras
When it comes to law firm marketing the value of blogging is unlimited, as it creates a clear, credible and constant voice for your law firm. Blogging also allows your lawyers to showcase their strengths and attributes, which can separate your firm from the rest of the legal field. Through active blogging, prospective clients will develop a sense of security with your legal team as they read your blogs about similar cases, verdicts and opinions, reassuring them of your legal expertise and knowledge.

Ultimately, the quality and tone of the legal content on your blog will have a snowball effect. With high quality content and SEO technology integrated into your legal blog, you will achieve better search engine rankings for your site, which leads to an increase in the amount of unique visitors, resulting in new clients.

But what good is blogging and creating high quality content if your target audience can’t find you? CEPAC, a lawyer marketing and legal advertising agency, has developed newsrooms, complete with a search engine optimization feature, allowing your blog’s message to be heard across the web with the push of a button. The powerful online legal newsroom product, Smart News Technology, streamlines the article/press release process through a private label newsroom created for your firm. The newsroom’s highly effective SEO feature, allows the firm to have the best chance for pickup on search sites such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Virtually no other product offers attorneys this exclusive ability to establish high visibility and improve search engine and website rankings.

“CEPAC’s incomparable newsroom technology creates and maintains the brand of your law firm by mirroring the distinct feel and look of your legal website, allowing law firms of any size to log in to their own newsroom and write, publish and syndicate articles with just the push of a button,” says prominent legal marketing authority, Kevin Quinlan.

Other Benefits of Smart News Technology Include:
• News Links, Linking to your Website
• Auto Approved Press Releases
• Customized RSS Feeds
• Logo or Image Included in News Article
• Video News Optimization - Google Universal

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