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Attorney Marketing : Social Media Marketing: Let Them Tweet! Consumer Twittering Can Pay Off Big

Social Media Marketing: Let Them Tweet! Consumer Twittering Can Pay Off Big

Social media marketing consultant, Rene Perras, explains how consumer twittering can benefit your business.

Consumer tweeting can pay off. Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing: Let Them Tweet! Consumer Twittering Can Pay Off Big

// West Palm Beach, Florida, USA // Attorney Marketing // Rene Perras
I was enjoying lunch at one of the local sandwich shops, Jimmy Johns, when I noticed a table tent card that said “Tweet Your Taste Buds.” Without even thinking, I picked up my iPhone and Tweeted, “At Jimmy John’s, enjoying was delicious!”

Then it hit me, their marketing ploy totally got me! I did exactly what they wanted me to do, log onto Twitter and talk about them. The tweets are creating free publicity and buzz surrounding their brand. Regardless whether I tweeted that the sub was gross or that it was a piece of heaven, it didn’t really matter, because I was talking about them. I was getting their name out, and maybe even sparking some curiosity in others to go try their menu items.

Due to human nature, we often need to be told to do things. Sure, we may Tweet about something without being directed, but the majority of the time we don’t, or at least not about a product or service.

Business has traditionally been a face-to-face interaction, and often one-sided, but since the emergence of social media, a whole new interaction has formed. The social media approach can potentially be even more effective, because it offers an avenue for companies and consumers to openly communicate in a forum where the consumer feels comfortable.

Prompting your patrons to “tweet” about your products or services can help your company become more aware of your strengths, weaknesses; and offer an opportunity to communicate with your customers. This also gives your business a chance to thank loyal customers, who took time out of their busy lives to tell everyone they know how delicious the sandwich was; how comfortable the hotel’s beds were, or how easy it was to open an account at your bank.

In return for the free publicity, offering discounts, deals, and other incentives to your loyal customers will only entice them to return to your establishment, and promote it further to their friends and loved ones. This also can help create repeat customers and even develop trial and bring in new clientele. That said, social media is a dialogue, so it is key to respond to complaints or questions promptly. That builds loyalty to an even greater extent than just freebies.

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