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Attorney Marketing : Social Media Marketing: Social Games like FarmVille Poised for Big Advertising

Social Media Marketing: Social Games like FarmVille Poised for Big Advertising

Social media games are quickly becoming a hot trend and advertisers are jumping on board, reports lawyer marketing professional, Rene Perras.

Social media games growing in popularity. Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing: Social Games like FarmVille Poised for Big Advertising

// West Palm Beach, Florida, USA // Attorney Marketing // Rene Perras
In the ever-evolving world of social media, a wide array of networking tools, social apps and the latest media crazes are hitting the Internet with force; and social media marketing professionals are recognizing the emerging opportunity.

Some of these popular social media tools make it big, such as Facebook or Twitter, while others seemingly disappear into obscurity, like Myspace. But, one of the latest crazes, social games, is steadily becoming the hot trend of 2010. In fact, estimated that advertisers will pour $220 million into the newest craze, possibly changing the “social media game.”

It seems like every time I sign in Facebook, at least a handful of my friends have numerous posts that alert the rest of the social media world that they are “Movin’ on up in FarmVille,” or asking you to “Join my Mafia on Mafia Wars.” Usually, I’m annoyed by the constant gaming posts from my friends, but at the same time, from an advertisers standpoint, it’s hard to ignore the marketing power behind social gaming.

Gaming companies like Zynga (maker of FarmVille) and Playdom (maker of Mobsters and Poker Place) are also starting to realize the potential marketing power behind the games, and so have companies like Honda Motors Co. and McDonald’s Corp.

Social gaming is becoming a viable advertising environment, which can reach millions of visitors, as our society is increasingly becoming “social networking addicts.” According to a Nielsen Co. report, Americans are spending almost a quarter of their time on the Internet, most notably on social-networking sites and blogs. In addition, social gaming has surpassed email as the second-most popular online activity. In fact, Nielsen reported in June, “Farmville” received 9.4 million unique visitors in the United States alone, who spent an average of 36 minutes on the site.

But advertisers are going to have to think of creative ways to promote their brands, specifically for the social games. Advertising within in the game, and infusing your brand into the game will likely be the most popular routes for advertisers.

At CEPAC Inc., we are experienced in developing successful social media and advertising campaigns to fit your company’s needs. Contact Rene Perras for more information on how to implement successful social media marketing and advertising campaigns.

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